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For thirteen years Mont Vernon Congregational Church has hosted an annual five-day summer Vacation Bible School (VBS) at the church for children in Mont Vernon and surrounding towns. We have provided  this program, year after year, for free. This year, given the Covid-19 crises, and our concern for the health and safety of both children and our volunteer staff,  we will not be offering  an onsite Vacation Bible School.   

Instead, we will provide a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) Vacation Bible School Kit to any Mont Vernon area family with children between  ages 5 and 11 that might wish to participate. This year’s Vacation Bible School theme happens to be “Construction: Building on Faith,” which fits well with “Do It Yourself,” since so many construction projects are DIY.  

Mont Vernon Congregational Church will provide five lessons of Vacation Bible School materials to those families that sign up in advance, first come, first servedup to the limit of our 2020 VBS budget. These materials will include two child-appropriate, simple craft kits per lesson,  or ten crafts in all, fun DIY snack suggestions based on the “Construction: Building on Faith ” theme  and five videotaped Bible stories from Interim Pastor Alex Gondola.  Each lesson will also include videotapes of active and energetic, faith-inspired songs for children to learn, and  games for them to play, chosen from among VBS favorites over the previous thirteen years.  

Parent(s), older siblings or other adults are welcome to use these VBS resources with the children in their lives as they see fit. Use them five days in a row, or once a week for five weeks, or two or three lessons per week over two weeks–however best suits your family. It’s a DIY VBS! 

You can sign up for the “Building on Faith” Vacation Bible School Kits by providing all the information on the form below, and emailing it Mont Vernon Congregational Church at  You may contact Interim Pastor Alex Gondola with questions at the same address.   

Signups will be closed on Saturday, June 27, 2020. Once all signups are received, VBS materials will be ordered.  Your VBS Kit packets will be available to be picked up at Mont Vernon Congregational Church on Saturday, July 18, 2020 between 10 am and noon, or at other times by prearrangement. A zoom meeting will be arranged, at the end of the summer, for those families who wish to participate. This will be an opportunity  to greet other VBS “campers,” and share how faith was built through Vacation Bible School.  

Once again, signups for the Mont Vernon Congregational Church DIY VBS “Construction: Building on Faith” will be first come, first served, with all materials provided free, up to the limit of our budget.  Signups will close on Saturday, June 27, 2020, and VBS Kits will be available starting Saturday, July 18, 2020. More information about the missions and ministries of Mont Vernon Congregational Church can be found at our website, There also is a “Donate” button there, for anyone who would like to contribute to this effort. We look forward to hearing from you, and stay safe!